Take My Calls VAS

Why Take My Calls VAS to answer your calls?

As your business grows, you are faced with new challenges to provide the highest level of customer service. Whether you are helping customers at a store, treating patients in a clinic, or troubleshooting a new product, it’s expected that your business will deliver quality services with every interaction. Take My Calls answering service helps free up employees from answering phones all day so they may be more useful to your organization. Over 80 percent of business communications are done over the phone, which means the need for a professional system has never been greater. Some benefits of an answering service for your business include: 
  • Increased Productivity for Employees 
  • No missed Calls from Clients or Customers 
  • Reduced Staffing Costs 
  • Better Customer Service Results 
Increase Productivity 
  • Employees don’t have to worry about missing a client’s call during company meetings. 
  • Client’s questions about your goods and services are taken care of by the operator
  • Staff can focus on other aspects of the business 
  • Calls outside office hours are handled 
  • Better Results Customer loyalty and staff productivity 
Professional and reliable, highly trained operators
  • Gives more time for your team to work on tasks without distractions 
  • You have the option to have a call recorded for future reference 
  • Take My Calls VAS operators are continuously monitored by our Quality Assurance team 
  • Clients can speak to an actual human being, compared to an automatic system 
  • Minimized Cost Effective and affordable service 

You don't have to do it all.

With our highly qualified and skilled operators are available to answer your calls, no matter how many calls. Take My Calls VAS is here to take your calls.