When is it time to get an answering service?

Thursday, January 6, 2022

The time is NOW! 

Answering Services aren’t just for the big companies and doctors offices or just for those who can’t answer the phone calls. The answering service is like a toolbox filled with tools geared towards completing tasks in or around your business. Just like the need for employees is the same for an answering service. Employees far too often aren’t reliable and honestly life happens but when you hire a service the odds of the service calling in sick at the last minute doesn’t happen. 

Your business deserves to have a professional image not only when someone shows up in person but also when they call! Businesses that thrive with an Answering Service say their customer service rating went up nearly immediately which also increased sales! They realized how much time answering the phone takes away from them during the day, getting sidetracked from a task or project and taking way more time to complete it due to a phone call that often has nothing to do with what you’re doing at that moment.

If you’re interested in an Answering Service and ask the question when to get the service started our answer is NOW but here’s a few tips 

Figure out what you need from the service ie., just answer calls when you’re busy and send you the message or if it’s a sales call or a particular person that calls they transfer the call directly to you or your team?

Is 24/7 answering important to you? Just a couple things to think about

What’s your budget? Note you should at least give the service for 3 months to see if it benefits your business although many see a difference in the first month.

Lastly communicate with your team about your thoughts with getting an Answering Service and get feedback on what you’re having the service do just in case you missed anything.

These are a few things that can help you decide on when to get an Answering Service. Needs, Budget and communication with the team will help you with making your decision to get started with an Answering Service. 

For many startup businesses an Answering Service cuts employee costs, but not by fewer employees but allows the employee to focus on the task at hand. brands your company as professional when potential or retuning clients call, makes your company look bigger and more established. This is all because professional operators are answering your calls and giving your potential or return clients the highest standard of customer service on your business behalf.

Again the time is NOW to get an answering service, use the tips provided and then give us a call or click here > GET STARTED to get your calls answered by some of the best operators in the USA. 


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