Ways to get the best for your dollar with an answering service

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Far too often business owners ask the question of how do I get the most for my dollars? But even more specifically how to get the most for your dollars when using an Answering Service? 

Here are a few tips in assisting you with making that decision.

Figure out what you’d like the answering service to do as it’s more to just answering phones. Would you like text alerts, emails, spreadsheets or individual notifications of calls. Will they schedule appointments or screen calls for hot leads? Here are some of the general questions you should ask yourself:

How many calls do you get daily

How many calls do you or your employees not wanna answer

What do you want to accomplish on each call from the answering service 

  1. Gather information
  2. Message taking
  3. A more professional appearance
  4. Schedule appointments
  5. Transfer potential sales calls to the sales department or to specific person
  6. Convert calls into leads

Generally you wanna look for companies that offer a free trial, multiple features or any features that would benefit your call answering needs specifically. For example call patching/transfer many companies find this feature as a game changer as it increases their sales, customer service and most importantly makes their company look really good over the phone. 

Now once you’ve selected your answering service there’s things you can do to save even more like: 

Go with the standard greeting 
Don’t request that the operator gather a lot of information from the caller just what’s needed usually it’s Name, Number, email and purpose of the call/message 
Be sure to forward calls only when you or your employees don’t need any interruptions or are unavailable for calls 
Remember to turn the forwarding off when not needing or using the answering service 
Always check your messages from the answering service because the service is worth nothing if you’re not following up with your callers!
This short article is just one of many to assist current and potentially new users of an answering service to save money, get the best use of the service and most importantly keep their customers happy! Take My Calls VAS is our company and we’d love to have you as our client.

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