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If you don't delegate the time-consuming tasks on your To-Do List you're handcuffing your profits, effectiveness, and growth. With a Virtual Assistant, you are truly able to reach your business goals with 72% of entrepreneurs who hire a virtual assistant say they saw improvement across the board within the first 30 days and 93% agreed that a Virtual Assistant definitely made a difference in their day to day operations and the completion of necessary daily tasks.


Get fact based on extensive research for any specific product or service, and comprising a word, excel, google sheets or CRM for any kind of market
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Managing, maintaining and updating your company’s databases, be it employee database or any other internal database using web-based tools.
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Making most of your CRM software by organizing lead generation data into CRM or spreadsheet, handling various reminders, follow-ups, emails and invoices for customers.
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Managing and maintaining files and projects, planning business travel, setting-up delegates meeting and other admin work, preparing proposals and more.
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Provide complete assistance on handling all communication and support for email, chat, and website. We also handle helpdesk or app-based customer support to track and respond to customers around the clock.
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Offers backbone processes to support everything specific to your industry or line of business. Find everything from content moderators to support assistants for your travel business.
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Our team of professionals are rich in experience and expertise in various business verticles and industries.
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We don’t miss a call with our well-coordinated staff, we take care of follow-ups, sending and scheduling emails to staff and clients, managing an email list, using emails marketing tools for sending reminders, adding subscribers and more.
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Our team is highly skilled on managing social media, from creating your biusiness page, posting ads, responding to comments and designing ads for social media
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Some of the Tasks

 We're able to complete  your Tasks, so that you don't have to!
Administration Assistance
Check and respond to emails
Handle incoming calls
Data entry
Help with your to-do-list
Find and book restaurants
Manage your schedule
Transcribing audio or video
Craft a quality blog post
Edit or format a document
Create content for your website
Produce a winning press release
Design a marketing email
Proof your website
Write articles and guides
Proof your Business Plan
Find a product or service
Locate content information
Find facts and figures
Research potential customers
Investigate a specific topic
Research your competitors
Source prospects data
Social Media
Create custom Social Media business page
Refer people to a blog post
Online Web Form
Survey or promotion creation
Schedule daily post
New product or service you offer
Create email campaigns
Create marketing and sales material
Build your website
Review your website
Update your WordPress website
Creating sales campaigns
Help find people you can sell to
Prepare proposals
Input orders and create invoices
Research leads and prospects
Make calls to your leads
Update lead and prospects records

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Take My Calls VAS

Never miss a business opportunity because you couldn’t get to the phone. We’re there for your customers when you are unable to service. Take My Calls VAS is an extensive virtual assistance and answering service.
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