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the best tool for selling! 

Telemarketing is more than just selling over the phone, we offer Appointment Setting, Telesales and Account Management. 

You can more than double your sales!

Double your sales!

Schedule more appointments!
Focus on business we focus on sales!


Telemarketing is your secret weapon to make more money. 
We have multiple ways to get you sales! 

Appointment Setting

Appointment Setting is one of the best-kept secrets for businesses that are serious about growing sales! 

It is a time-tested approach of pre-qualifying prospects by utilizing a dedicated agent to call on businesses that fall within your market. 

Take My Calls V.A.S. Sales Executives know how to precisely target key decision makers and lock in qualified appointments on behalf of you and your sales team.


TeleSales is one of the most successful methods used to access key decision makers and boost sales. 

At Take My Calls V.A.S., we live and breathe high-quality calling with integrity. From the first moment you contact us, you notice the difference. 

We are experienced. We are flexible. We are credible. 

Most of all, we listen to what your goals are to GROW your business and we deliver.

Account Management 

Account Management takes control of the Campaign. We study your current marketing materials, work closely with you, taking the time to develop your personalized “Campaign Road Map” which will guide us to the road of success! 

With an Account Manager from Take My Calls V.A.S. your client will have a point of contact, an agent that is highly qualified, trained specifically on your company, has the ability to up-sell and provide high quality customer service!

All agents have a minimum of 2 years experience!


78% percent of decision-makers have taken an appointment or attended an event because of an email or cold call.

Telemarketing Services 
With Take My Calls V.A.S. we not only make sales over the phone TeleSales we are able to schedule appointments for you or your agents to close with Appointment Setting and when you have sales and clients/customers that need a little more attention we offer Account Management.
Take My Calls V.A.S. we've taken Telemarketing to another level.
Try us out and see! 
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  • Account 

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Stop wasting time and get started today!


Take My Calls VAS

Never miss a business opportunity because you couldn’t get to the phone. We’re there for your customers when you are unable to service. Take My Calls VAS is an extensive virtual assistance and answering service.
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