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Did you know that with an answering service you can free up time, save money on overhead and in some cases more than double production? 

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Answering Service

We're here to Take Your Calls, 
so that you don't have to.

Imagine a world, where you get the most out of every phone call! 

When using our services, operators focus on assisting callers, ensuring customer satisfaction, capturing data all while allowing more time to increase the workflow within your business.
Convert calls to leads or sales
Stop missing calls 
Stop dealing with Telemarketers 
Schedule more appointments 
Stop the interruptions 

Service Plans

Minute packages include access to all features and minutes are good for 60 days 

Quick Start 

50 Minutes 


500 Minutes 


150 Minutes


900 Minutes


300 Minutes 

More Minutes 

Need more than 900 Minutes?

Contact Us for larger packages. 


Packages include the following features and all calls are recorded! 
Help Desk Services
Disaster Recovery
Online Web Form
Order Fulfillment
Order Entry
Lead Capturing 
Live Message Relay
Virtual Receptionist Service
Call Screening
Live Call Transfer & Call Patching 
Prorated Money Back Guarantee
Event Registration-RSVP
Emergency Dispatching
Message Delivery
Basic Message Taking
After Hours On-Call

Stop wasting time and get started today!


Take My Calls VAS

Never miss a business opportunity because you couldn’t get to the phone. We’re there for your customers when you are unable to service. Take My Calls VAS is an extensive virtual assistance and answering service.
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